Graduation Tour
May 2015

This quarter, we provided AV for many of the graduations around Virginia. These included Virginia State University, Christopher Newport University, University of Richmond, Regent University, and many more. Many of these shows used our 8.9 Revolution LED Wall. Most notably, at CNU, we used our new custom LED truss towers for the 8.9 LED wall. These custom LED truss towers have proven to be very versatile, and are very impressive structures, as seen here.

Each graduation challenged us in different ways. For example, after completing and striking the LED walls at the CNU graduation, our team had to quickly head to Hampton University, and set-up the same LED walls for their graduation the following day. Despite the short window, our team was able to pull it off with flying colors. Other graduations used our HD Panasonic Camera Flypack, HD projectors and screens, and full sound systems.

Graduations have become one of specialties over the years. We provide a wide variety of services for each one, and always looks forward to working with new schools!



Rich Tech Gala
May 2015

In May, the Richmond Technology Council held their annual RichTech Gala. Hosted at the Greater Richmond Convention Center, this event is an annual awards dinner celebrating technological achievements throughout the year. With hundreds of attendees, the event took place in the large ballroom at the convention center. While the room worked well to accommodate the people, it required much larger screens than our standard shows. We used 15’ x 20’ rear projection screens (one of our largest sizes), in order to give each attendee an excellent view of the live camera shots and awards slideshows.Furthermore, we used our full WL8 line array speaker system, a digital sound board. The sound system was tweaked with our pink noise generator in order to guarantee full coverage and perfect audio. Our controllable LED lights on black drapery, and our spot light created logos provided a beautiful backdrop, which really made the room pop.

We are happy to be involved the with RichTech Gala each year. Congratulations to all the award recipients! Good luck next year!



Dr. Ed Ayers Farewell Luncheon
May 2015

In late April, the University of Richmond held a goodbye luncheon for their outgoing president, Dr. Ed Ayers. He served as president for eight years, and received many awards during his tenure. Many students, faculty, and staff attended the event on this hot day. The outdoor tent constructed by Skyline Tent Company worked as a great venue and provided relief from the heat. Given the venue, this show provided unique challenges for us to overcome.

With the layout of the tent (i.e., support poles, size, etc) we faced difficulties with line-of-sight for the attendees. To fix this issue, we placed ten HDTVs of varying sizes (42”, 70”, 90”) all around the tent, so every person could see both the live camera shots and the awards video shown for Dr. Ayers. Each TV received signal from long runs of 3G-SDI, where we then converted them to an HDMI signal. Once we had signal, we then needed to seamlessly transition between live camera shots from our HD Panasonic cameras and the tribute video for Dr. Ayers. For this we used our Panasonic AV-HS410 HD video switcher. Dr. Edward Ayers Finally, to amplify the microphones and video playback, we used a digital sound board and our WL8 line array speaker system.

Having worked with University of Richmond, and Dr. Ayers for many years, we were sad to see him go. We wish him the best of luck and look forward to working with the new president, Dr. Ronald Crutcher.



Gary Trudeau & Dr. Ben Bernanke
The Richmond Forum
January 2015

Since our last newsletter we have participated in two different Richmond Forums; Gary Trudeau in January, and Dr. Ben Bernanke in March. Both speakers provided unique insights on current and historical events from very different perspectives. The Forum consists of two parts, a presentation from the guest for the first hour and audience questions for the second hour. These two programs were different in the way they were presented for the first hour. Mr. Trudeau gave his presentation from the center podium and Dr. Bernanke fielded questions from the moderator, Paul Solman.

We used our standard HD Panasonic Camera system to capture shots of both speakers and display them on our 10 1/2’ x 18’ HD screen filled by our Christie Digital HD14KM projectors. We used a 90” monitor with two QSC K8 speakers in the Student Room for the event. For Bernanke Forum, we decided to add on 8-channel mixer for our video recording. This allowed us to actively monitor the audio provided by SMG’s sound technicians to maximize the quality of our recording.

We always strive to improve after each event, and the Forum is an excellent example of that. We look forward to the next speaker, Rosanne Cash!



Corporate Roadshow
February 2015

In February, we traveled across the South for a Corporate Sales Rally roadshow. We worked in a variety of different locations including Richmond International Raceway, the Nascar Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC, the Westin Peachtree in Atlanta, GA, and the JW Marriott in Orlando, FL.

Each show had a similar set-up, which included two screens, two projectors, ten microphone receivers, a digital 16-channel sound board, a four speaker sound-system, LED colored lights, and drapery. Although similar, each venue provided different challenges and needs. For example, at Richmond International Raceway, we had to coordinate with in-house technicians to send our video feed to the various monitors around the room. Also, the room size was better suited for our 90” HDTVs, rather than screens.

At the Nascar Hall of Fame, we had to modify our set-up completely. For that event, we were located in the main auditorium of the Hall of Fame, which already included three HD projectors and a sound system. This required us to send both our audio and video feeds to the house system. With the cable connections complete, we were seamlessly integrated with the in-house system.

We always enjoy working with our corporate clients, and we have additional Roadshow events scheduled over the next couple of months that will take us to McLean, Chicago, New Orleans and Dallas.


Diana Nyad
The Richmond Forum
November 2014

In November, The Richmond Forum kicked off the 2014-15 season with Diana Nyad, who jump started another exciting season with the inspiring story of her epic swim from Cuba to Florida. To present her story, we utilized a variety of state of the art video equipment.

We display each camera shot on a suspended 10.5’ by 18.5’ HD screen with redundant Christie Digital HD 14KM projectors and .67-1 lenses. For this season, we are using a new low gain screen system that eliminates hot spots in the video image created by the short throw lenses required for this event. This unique fabric allowed us to create some stunning shots of Ms. Nyad.

The Richmond Forum requires precise video switching and adjustment. We can easily perform this task with our Analog Way Eikos full-HD switching system. This system allows us to integrate many different sources and output to one or multiple display devices. The signal is distributed to the main screen, our Sanyo 90” HD flat screen monitor in the Student Room and three HD projectors in the Simulcast Room.
We capture the live-action shots using three Panasonic HD studio cameras, one manned camera with a 36:1 zoom lens and two fully robotic mounted cameras. Because of the major renovations at the Altria Theatre (for more info visit, we developed a new robotic mounting system for our Panasonic HD cameras. Prior to this event, we used a custom mount built specifically for the Altria Theatre. Our new system gives us more versatility, and will allow us to utilize the robotic camera system in more applications and venues.

The beautiful renovations to the Altria Theater and the incredible speakers provided by The Richmond Forum will make this another unforgettable season.

InLight Richmond
Monroe Park
November 2014

InLight Richmond is a one night, free exhibition of light based art exhibits and performances organized by 1708 Gallery. Each year since 2008, InLight Richmond has invited artists to
historically significant areas of Richmond to create visually stunning displays within the unique area chosen. The 2014 InLight Richmond exhibition was held in Monroe Park.

In total, we supported twelve of the exhibits using nineteen video projectors, both HD and standard definition, large screen monitors, and various audio setups using QSC and JBL powered speakers. A few artists created interesting 3d Projector mapping images using our Christie Digital 14KM projectors. Using their software, they were able to physically trim a projected image to fit any surface, creating a unique 3D look.

Other artists utilized mounted projectors with truss stands. Using these set-ups, they projected their artwork onto different surfaces, such as sand, in order to create interesting visual displays for their artwork. With our light Christie PLC-ZM5000 HD projectors, we were able to create these versatile displays with ease.

We consider Richmond InLight to be one of our most exciting events, and we look forward to it every year. We can’t wait to hear what’s in store for next year.


The Altria Theater
November 2014

In November, VCU held their first TEDxVCU conference at the Altria Theatre. With a wide variety of keynote speakers, the event became a major hit and will continue for years to come. Our video equipment served as major drawing point for the event as well.

Similar to the Richmond Forum, we used a suspended 10.5’ by 18.5’ HD screen with a Christie Digital 14KM HD projector and a .67-1 zoom lens. Content on screen included a combination of live camera shots of each presenter and their accompanying PowerPoints. The coordination of these sources required seamless transitioning and multiple switchers. We used our Panasonic AV HS410 HD switcher to change between live camera shots. We sent this feed into our Barco PDS-902 3G switcher, which allowed to switch quickly between live shots, PowerPoint content, and video playback from our “Playback Pro” equipped MacBook Pro.

To create some up-close-and-personal shots, we had a Sony HD camera in front of the stage. This camera paired with our Panasonic HD studio camera for long range shots, we were able to display some interestings looks that really fit with the more open environment of TEDx events.


RVA TechJam
Haxall Point Power Plant
October 2014

Each year, the RVA Tech Jam celebrates tech start-up companies while also promoting local craft beer, food, and music. This year it was set at the historic Haxall Point Power Plant, which provided an excellent opportunity to showcase our new BVC Revolution 8.9 LED wall. This high resolution LED wall created a perfect backdrop for this exciting event.

As attendees moved through the booths, learning about each new start-up, they stopped to watch the various bands with their prominently displayed logos. To highlight the bands and presenters, we suspended heavy duty trussing with ETC SourceFour spot lights and ChromaQ LED lights, which provided a bright stage wash for the night’s event. We used our Leprecon LPC48V lighting console, which gives complete control over the intensity of each light, as well as, the color of each LED light. With our robotic Canon cameras, we also created dynamic and interesting shots of both the band and the various company booths. We also up lit the entire wall in blue with Elation EPAR LED lights (also controlled by the Leprecon), which gave an interesting party-style ambiance.

Each RVA Tech Jam takes place in a different location, each providing different challenges and unique environments to utilize our equipment and optimize the space. We look forward to hearing the location and theme of the next RVA Tech Jam.