Chroma Q Color Force LED Batten

The Color Force LED batten range is a brute of a light. The super bright fixture easily washes up to 8m / 26 feet and competes in brightness with traditional 1k cyc lighting. In addition, the advanced ColorSure™ RGBA colour and control management technologies give a radically increased colour palette, enhanced colour consistency, a high CRI of 92 and theatrical grade dimming, all in the same fixture. Available in 48″ and 72″ lengths, these LED fixtures are designed for use in HD video applications.



Chroma Q Color Force 12

The Color Force 12 is a truly multi-purpose LED fixture that is suitable for numerous entertainment lighting disciplines. The unit provides power across the spectrum, from deep cold blues to red hot lava looks all from a single fixture. At only 300mm / 1ft long, the unit is ideal for floor, wall or truss mounting. It also provides a massive output of 2,400 lumens, easily washing up to 8m / 26ft with smooth, theatrical grade dimming. Color Force 12 fixtures are rated for use in HD video applications.



Elation DLED36

This fixture combines red, green, and blue one watt LEDs into a color mixing fixture. The result is a unit that draws very little power but can produce a broad range of colors that rival traditional par can and gel solutions.




Elation Powerspot 700

A moving head fixture that is capable of fitting a variety of uses from spot to wash. It incorporates a 700 watt lamp for an extra bright beam, sixteen colors, holds up to 23 different gobos, and has motorized zoom.






Elation Powerspot 575

The POWER SPOT 575II boasts a powerful 575 watt discharge lamp, 2 Gobo wheels with the patent pending “Quick Snap” gobo change technology for gobo overlaying effects.






ETC Source 4

ETC Source 4 fixtures are the standard for stage lighting, combining power efficient lamps with a variety of beam angles to fit your design needs.





Leprecon LPC-48v

1024 DMX output channels and 512 channels of control, the LPC series is the perfect DMX lighting control console for users who desire a back to basics approach in a lighting control desk. The LPC series consoles are designed to be “easy to use” lighting control desks with integrated conventional, LED and moving light control.



ETC Smartfade 1296

SmartFade offers a great feature range including hands-on manual control, memory driven operation, and an impressive array of features for systems work. SmartFade 1296 is perfect for applications where space is at a premium and high channel count is vital.  The controller can be setup in any of three different modes to act as either a traditional two-scene preset board, a memory console, or as a DMX backup.



LED Dance Floor

The Elation PZ720a LED panel system is designed for multi-purpose interior decoration. These 3ft by 3ft panels have a variety of uses from being assembled as a dance floor surface to being hung on walls.  The combination of Red, Green and Blue LEDs offer endless color possibilities to modify your surroundings.




Power Distribution

When you need more power than what you can get from standard wall outlets, we have a variety of power distribution options ranging from 50A single phase power distros up to 200A 3-phase. These units allow for tie in to power disconnects and the ability to lay out multiple distribution points and dedicated circuits.




Motors and Rigging Hardware

For rigging applications, we carry ½ ton motors by CM-ET,  steel rigging cable, spansets, shackles, chain hoists, and block and falls.




We have multiple lengths of box truss available for both décor use and rigging applications.




We carry a variety of man operated followspots, including the industry workhorse Altman Comet. These fixtures are great for medium to long throw spot needs and have manual adjustment of zoom, iris, shutter, and gel filters.



Antari B-200 Bubble Machine

The B-200 bubble machine has 4 double bubble wheels that rotate while three fans spin to produce a torrent of bubbles. This machine can be activated either by DMX512 control or with the optional wireless remote control.





Antari X-310II Fazer

The versatile X-310II Fazer from Antari is equipped with sophisticated features including aluminum cast heater, quiet high quality pump, high precision PCB design and controllable twin fans. The new high efficiency heater technology ensures low fluid consumption of less than one liter per two hours of continuous fogging (30% output). High precision fan control can be achieved thanks to the durable twin fans and the X-20II DMX timer module.  With a small degree of tuning, the fazer can achieve effects ranging from light haze to heavy fog.

Other Lighting Equipment Available:

  • Light Jockey Lighting Software w/DMX Converter
  • Elation Show Designer II Light Board
  • Scene Setter 12 Channel DMX Light Board
  • 4 x 600 Watt DMX Dimmer Packs
  • Elation Acclaim Xbar LED Strip Light
  • 10, 19, 26, 36 and 50 Degree Source Four Lenses
  • Par 64, Par 56 and Par 48 Lighting Fixtures
  • 360 Watt Rolling Spotlights
  • CM Lodestar ½ Ton Chain Motors
  • Sumner Eventer 25’ Crank Towers