LED Displays & Equipment

BVC Mobile LED Wall:

A self contained portable LED solution for outdoor events, this system includes an 8’ x 11’ Lighthouse R10 LED wall, Snell and Wilcox processor and a Lighthouse LIPDX controller. The maximum screen height is 18’ (to the top of the screen). The hydraulic lift assembly allows for 359 degree rotation. The portability of this system allows for flexibility in screen placement to maximize viewing. With 5000nits of brightness, this wall will produce extremely sharp images in full sunlight. The system is weather resistant allowing for its use in inclement weather. The system will accept inputs from RGB, SDI, SVHS, YUV and VGA sources.



Ignition SC15 LED Strip Curtain System

The SC15 system is a lightweight LED modular video wall system.  The size, weight, and strip design allows the panels to be setup in a range of formats.  SC15 panels are great options for assembling both large display systems and creative graphic driven backdrops in staging your event.



Weatherproofed SMD Display

The R10 indoor/outdoor is the first fully weatherproofed SMD display suitable for continuous outdoor use. With its 10mm pixel pitch, high brightness, 14 bit technology and uniformity control, the R10 i/o displays stunning images. The R10i/o is the ideal display choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.



Lighthouse R16i/o16mm Indoor/Outdoor Rental model

The R16 i /o is the ideal LED product for high quality small to large sized outdoor applications. Thanks to its 16mm pixel pitch, excellent color reproduction, 14 bit technology and M4 uniformity control, the R16 i /o displays stunning images. Available in sleek, lightweight panels, i /o is the ideal display choice for any application.



Analog Way Tetra Vio

The Tetra-Vio is designed to be an all-in one video/computer conversion solution with the ability to adjust image size, making it a perfect solution for video wall systems.  The unit will accept resolutions up to 2048 x 1080 and scale to the desired output.  Tetra-Vio has 3 universal inputs, 1 HD/SD SDI, RGB and DVI ouput, frame and logo storage, and genlock capability.



Supervisor LH

The Supervisor LH is ideal for rental & staging , with an intuitive user interface, illuminated display, and easy to access connectors. The Supervisor LH is designed using world class scaling and conversion algorithms from Lighthouse. The unit accepts a wide range of digital and analog formats, covering standard and high-definition television and computer graphics. It converts these into a form optimized for Lighthouse solid-state LED video displays.



Lighthouse LIP-DX/SX Interface Processor

The Lighthouse Interface Processor (LIP ) is an LED video display controller. The LIP-DX features a digital input while the SX version features an analog RGB input. Both processors translate the input signal into a high speed serial digital signal for display on LED screen panels.  The LIP-DX/SX processors also control brightness, contrast, gamma and color balance of the screen system,  generates digital video data and synchronizing signals including optional test patterns, and has the ability to make adjustments to individual LED panels.